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Every year, confronTi offers two opportunities to meet, think and debate on Canton Ticino’s economic dynamics (their trend and their structure) in a comparative framework that includes interregional, national and cross-border realities.

For this occasion, economic and institutional actors gather together from the three perspectives: cantonal, interregional, and cross-border. The event calls for these actors’ participation not only in the production but also in the processing and fruition of the results obtained.

confronTi is the container of two different events on economic themes, namely: confronTi-turismo – regarding issues treated by the Tourism Observatory – and confronTi-economia – focusing on thematic priorities of the Observatory of Economic Policy.



14 giugno 2016

Auditorium BancaStato, Bellinzona



24 novembre 2016

Auditorium BancaStato, Bellinzona


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